Deer Hunting in Hudson Valley NY

deer hunting

If you are looking for a thrilling and rewarding hunting experience, you might want to consider deer hunting in Hudson Valley, NY. The Hudson Valley is a region that spans from the northern border of New York City to the southern border of Albany, and it offers a variety of landscapes, habitats, and game animals for hunters of all skill levels.

Deer hunting is one of the most popular and challenging forms of hunting in the Hudson Valley, as the region is home to a large and healthy population of white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer are adaptable and elusive animals that can thrive in different environments, from forests and fields to swamps and suburbs. They are also highly sought-after by hunters for their meat, antlers, and hide.

However, deer hunting in the Hudson Valley is not a walk in the park. It requires careful planning, preparation, and patience to ensure a successful and safe hunt. Here are some tips and information that can help you get started with deer hunting in Hudson Valley, NY.

Know the seasons and regulations

Before you head out to hunt deer in the Hudson Valley, you need to be aware of the seasons and regulations that apply to your area. New York state has different hunting zones that have different opening and closing dates, bag limits, and weapon types for deer hunting. The Hudson Valley is mostly located in the Southern Zone, which has the following seasons for 2023-24:

Early Bowhunting: Oct. 1-Nov. 19
Crossbow: Nov. 6-19
Regular (gun): Nov. 20-Dec. 12
Late Bowhunting: Dec. 13-21

You can find more details about the seasons and regulations on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) website:

You also need to have a valid hunting license and tags to hunt deer in the Hudson Valley. You can purchase your license and tags online, by phone, or at any licensed agent. You can find more information about how to get your license and tags here:

Choose your hunting location

The Hudson Valley offers a variety of public and private lands that are open to deer hunting, depending on the season and the permission of the landowner. You can use the DEC’s interactive map to find public hunting areas near you:

Some of the public lands that are popular for deer hunting in the Hudson Valley are:

Stewart State Forest: A 6,700-acre forest that has diverse habitats, including wetlands, fields, and woodlands. It is located in Orange County and is open to all types of deer hunting during the appropriate seasons.
Fahnestock State Park: A 14,337-acre park that has rolling hills, lakes, ponds, and streams. It is located in Putnam County and is open to bowhunting only during the early and late seasons.
Catskill Park: A 700,000-acre park that has rugged mountains, forests, and streams. It is located in Ulster, Greene, Delaware, and Sullivan counties and is open to all types of deer hunting during the appropriate seasons.

You can also hunt deer on private lands with the permission of the landowner. Some landowners may charge a fee or require you to join a hunting club or lease their land. You can find some private hunting outfitters in the Hudson Valley here:

Prepare your gear and skills

Deer hunting in the Hudson Valley requires you to have the right gear and skills to ensure a safe and ethical hunt. Depending on your weapon of choice, you may need different types of gear, such as:

Bow or crossbow: You need a bow or crossbow that is suitable for your draw length, draw weight, and shooting distance. You also need arrows or bolts that are matched to your bow or crossbow and have sharp broadheads. You may also want to have a rangefinder, a quiver, a release aid, a sight, and a rest.

Gun: You need a rifle or shotgun that is legal for deer hunting in your area. You also need ammunition that is appropriate for your gun and your target. You may also want to have a scope, a sling, a bipod, and a case.

Other gear: You also need other gear that can help you with your hunt, such as:

Clothing: You need clothing that is warm, comfortable, durable, and camouflaged. You also need to wear blaze orange or pink during gun seasons to increase your visibility to other hunters.

Footwear: If you are planning to go deer hunting in Hudson Valley NY, you need to have the right footwear for the terrain and the weather. You want to choose boots that are waterproof, durable, comfortable, and offer good traction and support. Some of the brands that offer these features are Danner, Irish Setter, LaCrosse, and Rocky. You can find these boots at DICK’S House of Sport in Latham, or order them online from various retailers. You can also check out Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures for guided hunting trips and lodging options in the area.

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